FLÏTM Safe is a cannabis awareness program focused on promoting responsible cannabis consumption and cannabis education via sourced research for cannabis consumers.

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We can do our best to spread the word… but this program only works if you believe in it. To spread the FLÏ™ Safe mission, we need help both online and at live events. We’re calling on you to share, retweet, repost, and forward all of the great things you see FLÏ™ Safe sharing on social media. Cannabis awareness and education affects everyone who uses, believes in, or advocates for cannabis.

FLÏ™ Safe is sponsored by FLÏ™ branded cannabis products. This brand is wholly owned and operated by Nutritional High (CSE:EAT) (OTCQB:SPLIF) a public cannabis company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Currently, FLÏ™ can be found for sale in dispensaries across California, Colorado and Oregon with a potential future operation in Washington. FLÏ™ Safe is a program designed by FLÏ™ and Nutritional High to assist with responsible cannabis consumption, public education, and social awareness.